Metal Detecting Surrey BC/Garden Gold/Gold Wedding Band Found...

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I had a search for a man’s diamond wedding band that was lost in the garden some where on his property.

I received a call early last week from a lady who told me the story about how her husband had lost his ring while he was outside gardening.

I met up with the couple this morning and Umberto showed me the area where he thought the ring could be lost in and I started my search.

Around the side of the house he had a little garlic garden and he showed me the area he sifted the dirt to search for his ring. I searched that area and received a good signal and found Umberto’s diamond ring within 5 minutes.

I could see the ring as I moved the dirt and I turned on my flip video and started to record… He didn’t what me to tell his wife, he wanted to act as if we didn’t find it.

We went into his house and pretended that we couldn’t find the ring, she was sad and wanted me to check some other areas, Umberto then held up his hand and showed her the ring…She was so excited! She told me that she couldn’t afford another ring for her husband and that ring was very special as it was his wedding band, and you can’t replace that with a new one.

We had an espresso and talked for a while, such a lovely couple!

I love my job!

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