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Wreck Beach Gold

Wreck Beach Gold Ring

I received a call from a young lady who told me that she lost her husbands 22k gold wedding band just before night fall yesterday. She told me they were at Wreck Beach(Nude Beach)and she was holding it for her husband so he wouldn’t lose it while he went swimming.

While she was soaking up the sun she felt something bite her on the back so she swung her arms back and that’s when the ring came off. She didn’t see the ring come off but she knew that’s when it happened.

I met up with the young couple who are going to university, UBC. We met at the top and walked down 490+ steps to the bottom to get to the beach. I thought it was going to be a quick search as they were sure they could put me in the exact area the ring came off, I started my search and after one hour I could tell they were very concerned that I wouldn’t find the ring.

I kept expanding the grid knowing that the ring could have launched off her finger and traveled far from the spot. I had the young lady re-enact what happen with my ring. The first time my ring went flying back about 6 yards, the second time it went back only a few feet.

I knew that the ring would be behind where they were sitting so I grid searched hard in that area. Closing in on 1 1/2 of searching I knew I had to think deep and go for the faint signals. Her husband told me that he raked the area with this big beach rake, but couldn’t find it, he spent 2 hours searching.

Because it was taking me so long I figured it must have got buried deep when he was raking the area…Most of the time I’m waiting for the loud and proud signal because it was a resent loss but this made me go after the deep ones and my second faint signal was his beautiful 22k gold wedding band! 8+ inches down.

He was little shocked at first as I guess they were thinking the worst because it was taking me so long. I love the challenge and some times it takes a while but its worth the smile!

Thanks for reading my post!

I love my job!

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