Metal Detecting Vancouver Beach for Hong Kong Gold Wedding Band

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Last week I received a call from the Lifeguards at Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver, they had a young couple from Hong Kong that couldn’t speak very good English and needed my Ring Finders Service.

I jumped into my car and headed to the beach to meet and help them find what they had lost. When I arrived and met Eugene and his wife I thought I was looking for her lost ring but after talking a while I figured out it was his 24k yellow gold wedding band.

He explains that he was swimming and on the second stroke not far from shore he felt the ring come off his finger. The only problem was both Eugene and his wife wasn’t 100% sure where he was in the water…This makes the search hard and I spent close to 3 hours in chest deep water doing a grid search, they both felt it was from the spot they showed me and west down the beach. I didn’t find the ring that evening and I couldn’t return until the next weekend at low tide.

When I arrived at the beach on the following Saturday I started my grid search of the same area but this time the tide was out and the grid search was much easier!
I searched in the rain and extend my grid west down the beach and no ring!

I wasn’t sure if Eugene and his wife might have came back the next day and found the ring, I emailed him twice but never heard back. This plays in the back of your mind when you can’t find what you’re looking for…

My instinctskicked in and I went against the flow and headed in the opposite direction and 30 + yards from my start point I found his beautiful 24k gold wedding band! This was no where near where they showed me but my thoughts are there is a ring out there…Find it!

I spotted the ring before my metal detector went over it and it was only half buried into the sand, the sand is very hard packed in this area of the beach and after 6 days of high & low tides it was still visible to the eye.

What I thought was about 1 1/2 hours of searching turned out to be 3 hours, in total for the two searches it took me close to 5 1/2 hours to find this ring…

I love my job!

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