Metal Detecting Surrey BC for a lost Silver Bracelet

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received an email a few days ago in regards to a lost silver bracelet possibly in a pile of grass in this ladies neighbors backyard.
She was about to rent a metal detector and found me under and called to see if I could help her.

I listened to her story and by the sounds of it she wasn’t sure when the bracelet came off, maybe when she was cutting her neighbors lawn.

She recalls that she took the bag of grass that she cut to her neighbors back yard and dumped it on the compost.
When she realized that the bracelet was lost she immediately went back to where she dumped the grass and her and her husband searched but couldn’t find it.

This was a one of a kind bracelet and it meant the world to her! She desperately wanted to find it. After 25 minutes and digging out the newer weeds to get to the grass that she put there a week before I suddenly got a good signal…It was her bracelet!

I love my job! Lost something and want it found?

Call Chris at… 778-838-Find(3463)