Golf Course Gold/South Vancouver/Lost... Gold Wedding Band... Reward!!!!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I received an email from a young man who lost his wedding band at Fraser View Golf Course in South Vancouver…Here is his email…
I lost my gold wedding band on Aug 18th at Fraser View Golf course. I am sure that I had it because I was late and still wearing it on the first tee…. my mistake, I never wear it when I play and normally keep it in my car. After the round, I could not find my ring. it is a basic gold band with my wedding date engraved in it (08-31-2003). As you can see my wedding anniversary is coming up and the ring means a lot to me.
I am hoping you can help, in fact I can come out with you to retrace
my steps.

thanks again,


Well we retraced his tracks and eliminated the most likely possibilities and our thoughts are that it could be any where from the first tee to the last. Its a needle in a golf course sorta speak but there is a chance that someone can find it during their walk around the course.

Will is offering a reward if you find it and it means a lot to him, so please keep an eye out for the ring.

It was nice meeting you Will and don’t give up hope as there are lots of great people out there that might find and return your ring!

Thanks so much for the gift certificates to the Cannery! Very kind of you!!

I love my job!

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