Front Yard Diamond Ring/Surrey BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)


What would you do to find your lost diamond ring? This lady and her husband cut down some small trees and bushes then they weeded the area and searched on their hands and knees for hours on the side of their yard where they believed the ring was lost.

The next day they were talking to friends that said they should rent a metal detector so they found one to rent and searched for hours. Unfortunately they had no luck in finding the marquee diamond engagement ring.

After giving up and believing that they’d never see the ring again, the lady reads a story about my service ”Finders” in a local paper.
With nothing to lose they call me and tell me about the lost ring.

I’m excited to come out and take a look for the ring, I can tell this gives them a glimmer of hope. When I get there we discuss the area and we talk about the search they did for the ring.

I decide to check the front yard first but they tell me that there’s no way the ring is lost on the front yard. I told them that I wanted to get it out of the way before going into the area that they just searched for two days.

This turns out to be a good call as I find the ring in about 3 minutes…Some times it pays off to follow your gut feeling! They were amazed at how fast I found the ring and where I found it.

Luck some times comes into play and it makes up for the rings that take many hours to find.

Again the smile tells you the story…

I love my job!

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