Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver... Men's Gold wedding band lost but now found.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This story begins when I receive a call from a young lady that told me that her husband lost his ring at the beach last year in early spring. They both saw the ring fly of his finger and disappear into the sand.

They searched for hours sifting the sand but couldn’t find the ring, the lady came back the next day and searched for hours with a rented metal detector but no ring…

Feeling like there was no chance, they were going to post on the Craigslist and came across my add in the Lost & Found.

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They contacted me and gave me the area where the ring was lost.

When I arrived at the beach I contacted her to make sure I was in the exact area, I was and I found the ring in 30 seconds…

Why would it take me only 30 seconds to find the ring and they searched for hours and didn’t find it?

I guess an example would be… I could buy a jet plane, but it doesn’t mean I can fly it. I’ve been metal detecting for many years and I know how operate my equipment and how to find things.

I called and got their address and drove the ring to their place, she was very excited and was going to surprise her husband when he got home from work as he didn’t know his ring was found .

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