Lost in Steveston BC... White gold wedding band lost in snow.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I get a call from a young man from Steveston who lost his white gold wedding band some where in the snow.

I met up with him and we discuss the area the ring was lost at, its a big area so I have to eliminate the possibilities. We start out by his place where he was petting the neighbors dogs.

This happens a few more times down the street and around the corner as the dogs were following him. I start my search and after 11/2 hours searching in heavy snow we decide to call it quits.

That night I get a call from the young man and he said that there was an area we didn’t check that he remembered wiping the snow off his jacket and petting the dogs.

When I get there the next day the walk way was shoveled high to the side, I searched the area and no luck as the snow was even deeper then the day before.

We talked and I told him that I would come back when the snow had melted. New Years day was the day I found his ring in 4 inches of snow… It took me three visits out there and over 4 hours. He was very happy and was very kind and generous in rewarding for finding the ring.

I love my job!

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