Help...White Gold Ring...Lost at Spanish Banks Beach

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

When I get calls to search for someones lost ring they are usually calls of distress… Help! or , I lost my ring can you find it?, I searched for hours, I rented a metal detector but couldn’t find it…
I’m the Finder Guy and I love the search, put me in the area the ring was lost and I will find it! The lady above lost her white gold ring at the beach and searched for hours but couldn’t find it.

She saw where the ring fell into the sand and started to search for it but it was gone…?

How could that be you ask, well its like quicksand, the more you dig the deeper it gets, almost to the point where I can hardly get a signal with my detector.

It was late when I got the call that summers day and I met up with the young lady and she showed me the area she new the ring was lost in so I started my search.

Due to the fact it was an extremely high trash area and that she had dug the ring much deeper into the sand, this search that should of taken only minutes… took me 1 1/2 hours.

The picture above of her holding the ring is like looking at someone who is looking into their lovers eyes. Every persons ring has a story and this story gets to be continued.

I love my job!

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