Found Diamond ring at 3rd Beach in Vancouver... Delivered to the owners front door.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Its hard to see the picture of this young ladies beautiful diamond engagement ring she’s holding (Sorry about that!) but its easy to see how happy she was to get it back!

This story starts with a phone call from her husband who tells me that he was at the beach and lost his wife’s diamond ring while holding it for her while she went in the water for a dunk.

He goes on to explain that he was rolling the ring between his fingers and it flew out of his hand into the sand. He immediately started to search for it as he didn’t think it would be to hard to find but after a little over an hour he and his wife gave up.

On there way back to the car they stopped off at the lifeguard station to let them know about the lost ring. The lifeguard passed them my flyer and said to call me if they wanted to find their ring, so they did.

The man tells me how to find the area the ring was lost, I stop him and asked if he can show me the area in person as this will ensure a quick recovery.

He tells me that it was fireworks night and that parking would be crazy as so many people come out early to get a good spot on the beach.

I told him I understood and he gave me great instructions on where it was lost, when I get there it was starting to get busy with people and I quickly walk to the lifeguard tower then go ten yards to the right then 12 yards towards the water.

I could see where the two of them were digging around in the sand as it was piled up in spots. I started up my detector and within 20 seconds I found her diamond ring.

I call them and tell them the good news and drive to their home to return the ring. When I get there her husband laughed and said that I was better then Pizza Hunt because I deliver.

I received a nice reward and a big smile.

I love my job!

Thanks for reading my stories.

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