Shaughnessy Vancouver, Midnight Diamond Ring Discovery

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I get call a few years back when I was at work, this young lady tells me that she just lost her diamond ring while wiping the snow off the car window.

She goes on to say that it was a three Layer White gold wedding band with 30 small diamonds, ten in each band.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to get out to her place to search for it until I was finished work, and that would be late as I work in the film industry and our hours are long.

She decides to search for it herself and call me back if she doesn’t find it. She and her neighbors search for hours in the snow between the road and sidewalk where her car was parked.

Later in the day with no luck she called around and found a metal detector to rent. After hours of searching and no luck she called me back later that day.

I told her that I would get there as soon as I could after I got off work, and that I had to go home first to get my metal detector .

I arrived at her place shortly after midnight, she showed me the area that she had searched and it was pretty easy to tell as the snow was packed down from everyone walking on it and searching for the ring.

After listening to where she believed the ring had flown off her finger and landed, that’s where I began my search. I think she was so frustrated from searching all day that she started to believe that the ring wasn’t there. It took me appoxatmently 3 minutes to find her ring, she was ecstatic!

I love my job!

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