Help find my Diamond Ring at 3rd Beach...Leaving tomorrow!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A couple of years ago during the summer months I got a call from a man who said that his wife lost her diamond ring at the beach. He said they had spent hours searching for it and someone told them to get a flyer at the lifeguard tower for this finder guy who will come out and help them…

Would you be the finder guy he said in an English accent on the phone… I replied yes that would be me. He told me about the lost ring and gave me the location, I grabbed my detector and headed to the beach.

When I arrived at the location I saw people kicking the sand and looking around, I was greeted by a man and woman who were very happy to see me. They told me they were from London, and they were leaving tomorrow to go home.

They were a very nice couple and had made friends very quickly with the people on the beach as most of them were busy searching for the ring. I listened to the story about how the ring was lost and where, she had taken the ring off and put it on the blanket so not to lose it when she went in for a swim.

Before they were leaving she picked up the blanket to shake off the sand… Ring goes flying! OK I have the idea now where the ring can be, I start my grid search of the area and find the usual garbage, pull – tabs, bottle caps, some change.

Every signal I get, gives the lady hope then she gets depressed when I show her a pull tab. I heard people on the beach telling her… he’ll find it don’t worry!

After extending my search further out and across I received a good signal, I bent down and scoop up the sand and at the bottom of my scoop this time is the glimmer of diamonds, as I pulled out the ring she gave a little scream and the people on the beach started cheering. That was a first for me!

They were very happy and I could tell how relieved she was to have the ring back on her finger, It took 10 minutes to find, for her it felt like a lifetime.

I love my Job!

Thanks for reading my story.

(Search and we will Find)