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  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from a young man one evening last year in the summer of 2008. He was at the beach in Vancouver playing volleyball with his team, that would meet every Wednesday throughout the summer months.

He said his wife & child came to the beach to watch his game and to enjoy the beautiful day. His wife left for home before his game was over and shortly after arriving home she noticed her diamond wedding ring was gone.

The only thing she could think of was it came off when she was applying the suntan lotion to her child. Very upset she called her husband and told him to check by log where she was sitting during the game.

He rushed over and started to search the area by the log but didn’t see anything. He started to dig all around the area but had no luck, a lifeguard who happened by asked what he was looking for, and he replayed, my wife’s diamond ring.

The lifeguard said he knew someone who could help him find the ring, a service called ”Finders” He went to the lifeguard tower and brought him a flyer with the info and number.

Believing he could still find the ring himself he kept searching until it was dark, he then resorted to calling the number on the flyer.

When I arrived at the beach around 10 pm, it was dark out and I could see someone off in the distance with a flashlight searching around a log… I knew I had my man! As I approached I said hi and called out his name, then I said if you find the ring I’m selling my metal detectors and hiring you!

The area that the ring was lost in is one of the hardest areas to search, due to all the beach fires, melted aluminum and junk, that’s in the sand. It drives my detector crazy.

After a very slow search and reading the many signals on my visual display of my metal detector, I was able to find the ring after 15 minutes. On any other part of the beach it would of taking only minutes to find.

He was very happy to get the ring back and so was his wife!

I love my Job!

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