African Gold & Silver Ring Lost In Vancouver Ocean

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A few years back I received a call from a man who was very upset about losing his wedding band that was made for him while he and his wife to be were in Africa. He’d never be able to replace it as he couldn’t just fly to Africa…

It was a gold and silver ring and it meant the world to him, he told me the story on how they got engaged in Africa and how they wanted the rings to be from there. He told me that he had lost it at a beach in Vancouver called Spanish Banks, he was enjoying a hot summers day in the water when he felt the ring come off his finger.

Instead of panicking he make a mental note of the location , this would give me a good chance to find the ring when the tide was out the next day. I checked the low tidechart and it was a very early 5am low tide.

The young man wasn’t able to meet me that morning as he had to work, but I felt good because he gave me a very detailed description of the area he felt the ring was in. As I started my grid search and within 5 minutes I received a good signal, only an inch or so down was his ring!

I think you can tell how happy he was by the picture above when I delivered his ring to him that day…

I love my job!

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