Lost Gold Cross - Found! Pittsburgh, PA

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

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I received a text last night from Maura about a lost gold cross. I gave Maura a call to get some more information and was told that her mother had lost a gold cross that was a wedding gift from her father who had passed away recently.  Her mother had it on when she left the house to visit the cemetery but when they got there her sister realized the cross was gone when they went to untangle the chains. It was thought that the cross could be in the backyard, the car or the cemetery. The cemetery posed two problems – one it closed at 8 pm and it was getting late; two – I would need permission to go into the cemetery with a metal detector. We agreed to meet this morning at 8am and Maura was going to try to get in touch with the cemetery to explain the situation and get permission.  As a rule of thumb I never go near a cemetery with my metal detector but this was a different circumstance – however another twist was it is Memorial Day and there could be increased traffic and I did not want to appear disrespectful.

I met Maura, her mom and her brother-in-law at the house. I checked the car first with the scope, no dice. I went into the backyard and looked around the porch, again I came up empty. I searched around the side and front of the house just in case the cross was lost getting in or out of the car and nothing. Maura still had not been able to get in contact with the folks from the cemetery but we were going in hopes of maybe finding someone there.

We pulled into the cemetery and low and behold they were cutting the grass…well this was good…and bad. We could hopefully get permission but did they cut where I needed to look?!? By the time we parked and got out of the cars the cemetery worker was zooming away on his mower. Maura went to try and talk to him and I followed her mother up a brick pathway toward the grave so I could have a look around. I was a few feet behind her mother intently looking around when all of a sudden…in the middle of the path…was the cross! Maura’s mother turned around and could not believe I had found it just laying there. She was so happy and relieved. Maura heard the commotion and came back over to find out the cross was recovered. They two of them were both so happy and relieved to have it back. Maura was in amazement as to how it was there on the path, she said that they had been up and down there several times looking and did not see it. Her mother had said that she had been praying to St. Anthony and I had been as well. Then Maura pointed out that the cross was found next to the grave of another person who was special to them. Coincidence, I think not, I believe there was some divine intervention and maybe multiple layers of it!! It was a pleasure to be able to locate the cross and return it and as always – great to meet kind and generous people.

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  1. Maura O’Brien says:

    Brian we seriously are still in Awe of you!!!!!!!! Your compassion, kindness, and thorough searching blew us away. Thank you would never be enough for what you did for us today!!!!!! We highly recommend Brian!

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