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Unique Two Gold Wedding Ring! Lost Bonaventure Industrial Park, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Ashley called this morning requesting my service to locate her husband’s wedding ring which he lost yesterday while at work.  Ashley gave me Nick, her husband’s cell phone so I called Nick and asked him a few questions.  I agreed to search and told him I would be there within a ½ hour.

Nick showed me where the ring could be.  He was opening a gate and felt the ring slip of his finger and ended up in the snow. The temperature yesterday was -28 Celsius.  This morning Temperature was a cool -32 with a windshield of -40 Celsius.

Nick had searched the area but could not find his ring.  It was apparent that a truck had driven over the ring and buried it.  I had a hard time to dig the ring out of the frozen packed snow.

Nick was very happy to have the ring back on his finger and he told me the ring was very sentimental to him as the ring belonged to his late father and his wife’s late Stepfather.  They had been welded together.

Thank you Ashley and Nick for allowing me to locate your Unique ring.