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Lost 1985 Texas A&M Class Ring…found by John Volek (The Ring Finders – Houston)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost 1985 Texas A&M Class Ring…found by John Volek (The Ring Finders – Houston)

I was contacted by David, a resident of Iola, Texas who was searching for someone to assist him in recovering his lost ring. David reported he had been out on his property feeding the bass in his stocked pond when he lost his class ring. David said as he was throwing the feed out into the pond, his ring slipped of his finger and flew out into the pond. David said he immediately marked the area where he was standing when the ring flew off, knowing he was going to find a way to get his ring back.

David reported after a few efforts of wading into the cold pond with a rake, he realized it was going to be a little more involved, David realized he was going to need some help, and an internet search took him to Houston Metal Detecting Services – The Ring Finders Houston

After discussing the details with David, arrangements were made to search for his ring the following weekend…

Knowing the circumstances and search conditions, I reached out to my good friend Carl Sedita, and asked if he would consider helping out on this recovery.

Carl, Sam (Carl’s son) and I made the trip out to David’s property the following weekend to search for the lost ring. Check out the video to see the recovery of this 1985 Texas A&M class Ring…
































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