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Ring Lost in Sand .. Venice Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Monday .. 6-22-15

Early Monday morning Kayley met with some friends for about an hour on the beach. She set her ring on her sandals when they walked to the water. On the way back to her house she realized her ring must have fallen into the sand. Returning to the place she was sitting, she could not find the ring.
Kayley called me and I was able to meet her about 12 noon. When I walked out on the beach I could see that the beach rake had passed over the area where she said she was sitting. My expectations for a easy recovery were not very positive until she told me that the rake machine had already passed before sitting on the beach.
I set up a grid search. After about a half hour with no success I started to cross grid the location. Kayley was sitting on the sand watching with hope that the next time I dug a target it would be her ring.
Then a young guy, that was part of a surfing school, walked up to Kayley. He wanted to know what we were looking for? She told him about her lost ring and to her surprise he had found it. He returned it to her. I believe that because we set up the search area, we attracted the attention of people around us. The most important thing was that Kayley’s ring was back on he finger where it belongs. She was also able to get to a 2pm yoga class that she was teaching. I call that “Good timing Luck”