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RingFinder not foiled by a Stud Earring in Wequassets’ sandy beach. Harwich, MA Lost & Found

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Cristin was strolling along Wequassets’ sandy beach when her daughter brushed a diamond stud earring from its adoring place in Cristin’s ear. Hours of searching did not locate the sparkling jewel from its resting place.

I was just sitting around enjoying the Fathers’ Day activities when a call for help rang in on my phone. The tide was on its way in and the bags and car were packed ready for the day’s drive home after what was a beautiful mini-vacation had been. Only one thing was missing, the earring. The last chance to find the earring. It would be up to my skill and my up-to-date technology filled metal detector. Mind you a stud earring is a very small target on a very large beach. In hopes the many variables in detector setting would be ample to locate the missing earring or it would be a sad trip home for Cristin.

A short walk to the isolated section of beach and I was searching like a blood hound. Every so often I stopped dropped the lost earring’s mate which was now safe in a plastic bag and tweaked the detector’s settings for the best possible signal response from the tiny object. About 20 minutes into the search I heard the signal I was waiting to hear. I moved a bit of sand and saw the small sparkle in the sand. A quick pinch and I lifted the small metal setting with diamond still in tack. I then let Cristin listen to the signal difference between her stud earring and my wedding band. She was amazed at the very faint signal of the stud and how I could pick it out from the many similar signals.

The return ensured a happy and enjoyable memories of the family’s first stay at the resort. It also will be part of my many memorable searches and returns I have made over the past 38 year of enjoying my hobby, metal detecting, and helping others.