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Lost Silver Native Ring in West Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Native Silver Ring Lost in West Vancouver

Lost Large Native Silver Ring...Found

Lost Native Silver Ring… Found!

I received an email the other day and it was in regards to a lost large silver native ring. The lady explains that she knew the approximant location the ring came off her finger when she was throwing sticks into the ocean for her dog.

We arrange a time to meet and the next day I met the young lady and she showed me the location. She wasn’t sure exactly when it came off her finger, this makes the search a little more challenging!

The tide was out so I started my search in the wet sand, I was at it for close to one hour doing my cross grid. There was lots of iron signals and I dug them all up just to clean the area incase the ring was sitting on top of the iron.

I received a nice signal and sunk my scoop into the sand and up came her beautiful silver native ring! I quickly put the scoop back into the sand then turned my video camera on and held up her ring…

I love the reactions when I find what I’m looking for and I have to say, I’m just as excited as the person I found the ring for!

I love my job!

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