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Ring Lost On Siesta Key, Recovered By SRARC

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Ring Lost On Siesta Key, Recovered By SRARC

On Easter Sunday, Gary and a friend decided to go down to the White Sands Cabana Club and enjoy the sand and surf on Siesta Key. After setting up chairs He decided to put some suntan lotion on so he removed his ring and put it into a pocket of the chair. After spending some time on the beach the wind began to pick up and the sand began to fly so they grabbed their chairs, folded them, and head back to their cabana. They put everything away and headed for home. About an hour later Gary noticed his ring was missing. They returned to the beach, checked in the chair pocket and then hunted along the trail and at the beach but could not find the ring. The next day Gary found the SRARC Ring Finders on line and contacted Howard Metts. Mike Schuler and Mike Miller volunteered to go and made arrangements to meet the following Friday. Gary led them out to the spot on the beach where they had been sitting and after about 10 minutes the ring was recovered. Gary was over the moon excited but we all abided by the separation rules and he soon had it back on his hand. Congratulations Gary we are so happy we could help you find your ring.