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Lost Silver Turquoise Ring Found in San Jose

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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lost turquoise ring found in san joseChuck was barbequing in his San Jose back yard when he got some chicken grease on his fingers. So he wiped off his hands on his apron, and the next thing he knew, his custom silver and turquoise ring was gone.

Chuck and his family searched the plant beds without any luck. But the ring had to be there-he hadn’t shaken his hands hard enough for the ring to go far.

I dropped by Chuck’s house Wednesday afternoon. My 17-year-old dog Benji was with me to help with the search, and Chuck welcomed us both. Chuck showed me the BBQ and the plant beds where he’d been cooking, and I got to work.

The area was small, so it wasn’t long before I found the ring. It’s a beautiful custom ring that Chuck was happy to have back. Silver and gold have a habit of burying themselves deep in plants and grass, where they can be very hard to see. Look at the left-hand photo below to see how well hidden it was.

We both turned around to look for Benji…and found him swimming across the pool with his front paws on a pool float. Less than five minutes and the dog is in the pool. No harm done: back in 2010 it was raining when we recovered a ring our very first client for TheRingFinders. He gave us a towel, which I’ve kept in my car ever since. So Benji got dry fast and slept on the ride home, as usual.


Lost Platinum Engagement Ring Found at Santa Cruz Marina

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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Tami's lost platinum engagement ring, found on santa cruz geachTami and Matt enjoyed the sun and sand at Santa Cruz beach on Wednesday. At one point, Tami removed her rings and put them in the cup holder on her folding chair. When it was time to go, she folded up the chair, packed up and walked to the car.

It wasn’t until Thursday that Tami noticed her rings were missing. She checked the chair and found her wedding band in the cup holder. But the engagement ring was nowhere to be found. Tami and Matt retraced their steps with no luck, so on Thursday afternoon she called TheRingFinders.

I got to the beach at 8:30pm as the last of the sunlight disappeared. Tami showed me where they had been sitting, between the catamarans and the lifeguard station. I marked the zone, started to sweep, and found Tami’s beautiful custom ring on the third pass.

Tami and Matt and the lost engagement ring found in Santa Cruz

Tami, Matt, thank you for the generous reward!

Lost Wedding Ring Found on Santa Cruz Beach

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

lost wedding ring found in santa cruzAngela and Todor and their extended family enjoyed a day at the beach in Aptos. Todor played rugby by the waterline, always being mindful of his wedding ring. While it was snug on his finger, he paid close attention so that he wouldn’t lose it.

Then as they were packing to leave, Todor noticed his ring was missing. The whole family searched but they could not find it. At about 5:15pm they called TheRingFinders.

I made it to the beach by 6:45. Then Murphy’s law struck hard: My metal detector failed, and the batteries for the backup metal detector were still in the charger back at home.

Crawling along using a handheld pinpointer, I searched the small area of dry sand where Angela and Todor had spread their blanket, finding only a bottle cap and three coins. This was a clue: when a public beach is clean without lots of junk like pull tabs, foil and coins, it means that other metal detectorists regularly search the area. If that happened before we recovered Todor’s ring, he might never see it again. So they decided to wait while I drove back to get the batteries and holder for detector #2.

I made it back to the beach by 8:45, shortly after sunset. Searching after dark is fun: No crowds, lower temperatures. I quickly searched the blanket zone in the dry sand again, finding an earring and some junk. Then we moved to where Todor had been playing rugby.

Todor showed me the area, and I marked it with tent stakes. The tide had dropped, so we didn’t have to contend with any water. The first 30 minutes were a bit nerve wracking because I found no targets at all. This sometimes means that the wave action has moved all targets to the bottom of the sea.

Then I hit a strong signal smack in the middle of the search zone. Todor’s ring was about four inches down in the wet sand. He’d been very observant, and marked the rugby zone perfectly.

Todor, Angela, thank you for the generous reward! I’m happy you got your ring back.

If you’ve lost your ring or jewelry anywhere in Silicon Valley between San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Cruz, give me a call!

Lost Diamond Gemstone Ring Found at State Park

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Lost gemstone diamond ring found in state park using metal detectorMaya teaches science classes to visiting school children at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in Felton, California (between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay). On Friday, she took off her beautiful family ring and zipped it into her vest pocket with her car keys. But sometime during the day, when she pulled out the keys, the ring fell out too.

Maya and friends searched the picnic area and freshwater beach thoroughly, but couldn’t find the ring. A few days after she lost it, she contacted TheRingFinders.

Maya felt that the ring probably fell out when she was using her keys near the car. So I searched the picnic bench area, as well as the tall grass near the parking lot. After about an hour, the metal detector gave the nice tone at a shallow depth that meant a point target was near the surface. Brushing away the tall grass, I found Maya’s ring.

It’s a beautiful ring, with a central gemstone surrounded by diamonds. And it’s now back on her finger.

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The Amazing Migrating Ring in Half Moon Bay

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

CurtisHMB-smile-smCurtis and his wife spent their one-year wedding wedding anniversary at Half Moon Bay, between San Francisco and Santa Cruz on the California coast. Sitting up on a sand bluff at the State Beach, they popped a cork on a bottle of champagne and enjoyed the view. When it came time to leave Curtis stood up, brushed the sand off his pants, and felt his wedding ring fly off his finger into the sand.

They search fruitlessly for the ring in the sand, even using a metal detector they borrowed from the park ranger. Curtis came back the next day with a shovel and kitchen strainer and sifted big piles of sand, but still couldn’t find the ring. The situation was looking grim until they found TheRingFinders web site.

I met Curtis at the beach today. He showed me exactly where they were sitting, about halfway up the steep sand bluff. The small open area where they had been sitting was surrounded by ice plant. I could see the piles of sand that Curtis had made with his shovel the day before.

I used my metal detector to thoroughly search the area where they had been sitting. The sand was shallow here, because Curtis had already dug down to the hardpan layer. Next I expanded out to the surrounding ice plant. I only found one metal hit anywhere near where they had been sitting, just a piece of an old aluminum can.

I knocked down the piles of sand that Curtis had made, but didn’t find the ring, so I started working my way down the bluff. About 20 minutes into the hunt, I got just my second metal hit of the day. It was very deep, about 8 inches down, and registered as an older, pure copper penny, but when I finally dug down deep enough there was Curtis’s ring. His first anniversary was saved!

Although he lost his ring up where he is standing, near the top of the bluff, we found it about six feet down the bluff where my metal detector is lying.

Although he lost his ring up where he is standing, near the top of the bluff, we found it about six feet down the bluff where my metal detector is lying.

It's a very nice ring! Good thing we found it.

It’s a very nice ring! Good thing we found it.