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Lost gold heirloom ring found in Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Upper right-hand corner . . just hiding.

I was working on a job an hour out of town when I got a call from Sean about his lost 14k gold ring. Upon meeting Sean I found him to be a very genuine, personable man and extroardinarily calm given the circumstances. Meeting some wonderful people is one of the best parts of doing searches . . right up there with a successful recovery! By the time I arrived at his home we had about an hour left of light so Sean wasted no time in giving me an accurate re-enactment of how the ring was lost. The likely area was covered mostly in large flag stones bordered by ivy and low shrubs. The facts and my intuition suggested that the ring most likely lay just off the open area in the bushes. Regardless, I started my search outside the edge of the target zone and gridded my way into the highest probability area. Five minutes in and I nosed the Whites 6x10DD coil into and through some ivy when I hit a solid signal wavering back and forth between a 14 and 16 VDI readout . . exactly the signal I anticipated getting ! Hopeful, I pulled aside some vines and there it lay . .a beautiful, antique gold ring with an oval sapphire. That’s when Sean explained to me that the ring had been a gift from his father 40 years ago . . needless to say it held great sentimental value for him. I know of two people who were smiling as the sun set tonight . . possibly three.