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Lewis Bay, Mass.; Ring Found: Clams 1, Searches 2, Bouys 3, Happy Family Members 4

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 22, 2018

Use the proper tool for a given task was always the recommendation my father gave to me.

Joe would have had a better two weeks had his father-in-law had an extra clam rake for him to use. Not having a clam rake Joe used the next best item available, his hands to dig for clams. Little did he know that clams love gold rings. The clam that got away on that Sunday made away with Joe’s wedding band. Swimming masks and snorkels were not the proper “tools” to find a lost ring in the low viability of the bay.

A few days later was the start of a very confusing (for me) understanding of the lost ring’s family. Well that was my problem and did not have an affect on my search. What turned from a 30’ radius round a buoy to into a much larger area. So large I did not find the ring on my first 3 hour search. I then waited for better tide and sun combination. I hate getting sun burned. The second search I took a second detectorist. We covered the area were the ring “was” lost and increased the search area beyond the original 30’ circle and area to get from the beach to the buoy. Increasing the radius by about 20 feet did the trick. The ring was in my scoop. Oh the clam that I believe to be the culprit who took the ring in the first place had told me to go in the direction I did as I increased the search area. He and several of his friends who had been taunting be to break the law and take them home to be made into clam chowdah were put back into the bay’s bottom, left for Joe to put his new clam rake to a good use on.

The day after finding the ring all my confusion was put straight, five names, four people now I got it. I met with Joe, his wife, mother- and father-in-law. All were present at my house where the ring was returned, photos were taken, and a few good tales passed. A fun family, I am sure the ring will now have a long and happy life even with an invisible scare where it was made to loose a bit and tighten up on Joe’s finger. I thank all that made this return a wonderful memory.