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Lost Ring Found at South ponto beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Lost Platinum Wedding Band Posted Publicly Online.


This morning Me and John Hughes My Ringfinder Partner and friend  had Noticed an add On C.L By a lady whom had lost her Ring.We sent an email that we could help find it along with a link to TheRingfinders web page and Our Famous Fox 5 News Return, hoping she call us soon…. We then drove to S ponto beach to wait.image

At 5:01 am I saw an Unknown Metal detector guy in the dark with a head lamp obviously searching for Her ring? “NO” he says!

Me and John Geared up Headed 50′ South of  To began our search Gridding ….Hoping the owner would call Us,,Time is ticking on this now we gotta find it soon…

1hr later Just towards the end of our long vigorous search and that last hope in an area  where The unknown detectorist had already dug around I get a signal,… an unmistakable Crystal clear BEEP….2 scoops in the wet sand and her ring is now in my Hand:)

John  made contact with the owner via email earlier and we were waiting for her call So I emailed her again saying    “I believe I found Your Ring” please call me!

Soon then after I left the beach clean of all Trash ……I get a phone call From Tristian The owner who is Very thrilled I found it.. I Immediately met her nearby and She was Reunited with her Lost Platinum Diamond Ring :).

The smiles we get are worth every Pennie and My Metal detector is a gift that Gives Back!

We are on call …Please call/Text/email Me or John Hughes we are well trusted and referred by the life guards in San Diego!


Call or text me A.S.A.P for FAST response!

Curtis Cox 760 889 2751






Lost Ring At Carlsbad, Tamarack Beach…Found!

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped find a lost gold ring buried at Tamarack Carlsbad beach.:OPEN NOW CALL 760 889 2751

11:30p.m A lost diamond ring was posted on Craigslist by a women who lost it earlier the same day.I emailed her right away and directed her to visit TheRingFinders web page ASAP

First thing in the morning she called to meet her there.

When I pulled into the parking lot I saw 2 people with metal detectors searching the area she posted online.I could also tell they had very little to No experience by there machines and there swing.So I politely asked if they had found a ring?

They said No and one of there buddies was there at midnight searching…Keep in mind they never actually contacted the person who lost the ring.So the newbies continued searching when Robin the owner walked up and we talked for a few minutes to narrow the search down to exactly where she lost it. That’s when John Hughes my Ringfinder team mate arrived just in time.Meanwhile..The other detectorist were tired,unsuccessful and on there way leaving.The owner had shown me a picture she took when she lost it with houses in the background and I asked her, show it to john..John Yells..we are 100ft off..Curtis go grid over there!! 5 min later I get a ring sound on my PI machine,kick the sand,And looked at robin with the biggest smile,dropped my metal detector laughing:) she said Oh my God picked up her ring and gave me a hug.We were both Excited and in relief I had found it!