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Lost Gold Bracelet Houston, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)







05/02/2013 I was contacted by Jere H in Houston regarding his lost gold bracelet. Jere reported he lost his bracelet the other day while working in his yard. He said he felt his bracelet had slip off his wrist and was somewhere in his backyard.

I arrived at Jere’s residence and was shown the  backyard, it was a picture scene from out of Jurassic Park.  Jere’s back yard was this large lush tropical paradise, with ponds, water features, climbing scrubs and a lot of lush vegetation.

I was the WOW phase as Jere was pointing out some the areas he remembered he thought the bracelet might have fallen off. Jere had been working his backyard tending to the landscape when he noticed his bracelet was missing. Jere spent the first day trying to located the bracelet but was unsuccessful.

After Jere finished recommending some specific areas in the backyard, I started aggressively working through the landscape trying not to damage the foliage. I was knee deep in the brush after about 40 minutes of searching when I heard Jere calling out my name. I stepped out of the brush to see Jere holding a gold bracelet.

Jere said, while I was searching the back, he found his missing bracelet in a crack in the driveway in the front of his residence.

Jere said, he has had the bracelet for many and was happy he found it.

Nice work Jere.