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Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring Lost .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found Five Months Later in Wet Sand.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Newport Beach 19th Street Ring .. Lost August 2016,
found Dec. 31, 2016

I bought myself a new XP Deus metal detector that can be used to find small metallic items. Even though I have been using metal detectors for years, it does take practice to learn to set up and feel confident with a new machine.
It was the last day of 2016 at Newport Beach, when I was testing my settings in wet sand. The light rain was making it difficult to stay focused. Just before stopping for the day I got a nice signal. It turned out to be a platinum wedding ring with 14 diamonds in the bottom of my scoop. Not bad for the first good ring with my XP Deus detector.
The next day, I remembered a ring search I did last summer. I went to my list of past searches locating Robbie and Francisca’s Celphone number. I texted them that I found a ring that could be theirs. He sent me a photo of the lost ring that matched the ring I had found.
Another Miracle find, five months after Francisca lost the ring. Last August she had been on the beach with her grandson playing in the sand in and out of the water. She wasn’t sure if the ring had fallen off in the house, on the beach or the two block walk to the beach. After 6 hours of a thorough grid search I could not find the ring.
We will never know where the ring was hiding, it could have been on edge or too deep to detect. What is amazing, is this ring escaped many other metal detectors because it was just 100 yards south of the Newport Pier, heavily hunted by many detectorists. I did check the ring using my CTX 3030 and it had no problem getting a good solid signal flat and on edge.
The most important thing is the ring is back where it belongs. Another successful return even though it took some time.