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Massive Platinum Ring Lost in Lake Conroe, found and returned by Houston Metal Detecting Services

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)


Massive Platinum Ring Lost in Kae Conroe, Texas

I was contacted by Dan who was looking for someone to help him find his custom-made platinum ring in 4 feet of water in Lake Conroe. Dan reported he was at the lake with friends enjoying the water when his ring slipped of his finger. Dan said they had pulled the boat into a cover with a nice sandy beach and were enjoying the cool water on the hot 95-degree day.

Dan said while splashing around in the water his large platinum ring slid off his finger and dropped down into about 4′ of water. Dan said the bottom was a nice sandy bottom and he immediately dove down to find the ring. Dan said he and several of his friends search for hours with no luck finding his lost ring. Dan said he returned several days later with an underwater metal detector and was still unsuccessful at finding his lost ring.

As luck would have it, Dan’s wife found a post on Facebook about another ring recovery we had worked on Lake Conroe a few weeks earlier. Dan said his wife placed the call and arrangements were made to me Dan at Lake Conroe.

I placed a call to my business partner Carl to confirm he would be available to assist in this open water recovery, and we set a date and time for Lake Conroe. Carl and I made the trip to Lake Conroe a day later and as one can see from the photos below we were successful and finding the missing ring.

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