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Lost Men’s Wedding Band Recovered in Ellicott City, Maryland!

from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-215-7826

Last week I received a email from Stephanie stating that her husband Thomas lost his wedding band while recently doing some yard work. We then made plans to meet up the next day to try and locate the ring.

Luckily Thomas had a good idea of exactly where he was in the yard when he believed his wedding band came off. When I arrived leaves were everywhere despite only 2 days had past since he lost it. Thomas directed me to three areas of the yard that he felt were strong possibilities of where the ring might be. I then put my metal detector to work and about 10 minutes later while searching the second possible area, I found this under some leaves…..

I immediately called Thomas over asking him, “Is this yours?” knowing quite well I just recovered his missing wedding band!

Success happened for two main reasons. Stephanie and Thomas quickly contacted me and Thomas took good mental notes of where he was and what he was doing when he suspected the ring came off. By doing so he made my job a lot easier. It is great to see the ring is back where it belongs!

Smile worth a million dollars – recovery Austin Tx

from Austin (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-512-470-7050

It started with a call from a very nice lady who had lost her ring two or three months ago. Her husband and herself had been working in the front yard and the next thing you know, her ring is missing. They bought a small metal detector but they couldn’t find it, so I got the call.  It took about fifteen minutes and the Garrett AT Pro started to sing.  A quick confirmation with the ProPointer and there it was, her wedding band waiting to be rescued. I picked it up, asked her if she had seen this ring before and her smile was worth a million dollars. After a quick cleaning using her shirttail, the ring went back on her finger. Home sweet home.  Ring Finder recovery 2 Ring Finder recovery 1

Found: Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Mill Valley

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found in Mill Valley Front Yard

Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found in Mill Valley Front Yard

Last week we were contacted about a missing platinum wedding ring at a home in Mill Valley. The house sits on a small flat yard above a steep slope down to the street, with amazing views of San Francisco Bay and Sausalito. The downside is, it’s a long walk up the stairs from the street for everyone, including the owners. But what a view!

The owner had been using his Weed Whacker to clear brush on the slope when he hit a subterranean wasp nest. Next thing he knows, he’s covered with wasps. After stomping, whacking and wiping wasps off his legs while running back up to the house, he discovered his wedding ring was missing.

Ring Finders to the rescue! Two searchers with two metal detectors started by hunting for about ten minutes on the flat grass at the top, then moved down to search the hill. After another twenty minutes, it started to rain… After searching for an hour on the hill, we were about to pack it in and wait for better weather. But we decided to try once more on the flat yard back up near the house, and found the ring!

Missing platinum ring found at Mill Valley home

Here’s what the owner had to say:

“Still can’t really believe it” is all that can be said. Like the Postman, The Ring Finders worked through the inclement weather, on the side of a steep hill, under and around sticker bushes, all with the goal of locating our cherished wedding band. Little did we realize that their fundamental task was applying the expertise from their craft to truly help others, both in their efforts to find our lost ring, but then going the extra step of donating a portion of any reward to a worthy and charitable cause. We doubly thank Dave for his time and energies devoted to searching for, and ultimately locating, our ring. We could not have done it without them … we tried. Their don’t give up attitude was infectious to be around, and hopefully makes us all consider how to utilize our talents and time to help others. Thank you.