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Lost Gold Wedding ring Found/recovered by RingFinder Ryan Cole @ Silver Beach, St Joseph, Michigan (Lake Michigan)

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Jenny was visiting friends in Kalamazoo and they all were spending the day in St Joseph, at Silver Beach County Park. It was a busy beach day and they were all just enjoying the water and eachother’s company. While out towards the floating buoys, she reached down in the water towards one of her legs, then felt her rings slip off her fingers. Her white gold wedding set and also a slim silver band. With no luck recovering them from the waist deep water, everyone she was with promptly began trying to look for the lost rings. She said about ten people were looking, some with swim masks and others just using their ringers to rake the bottom. Someone actually found the silver band and someone else found a random earring by chance, but no wedding set. Jenny’s friend Diana tried to locate a metal detector to rent, with no luck and then she came across the Ringfinders website and contacted another finder, who then contacted me. I spoke to Diana, told her I could be up there in an hour. Luckily Jenny was still at the beach with her son and was able to wait my arrival to show me where to search. Diana had given me the incorrect phone number for Jenny, so when I texted that I had arrived, given my vehicle description, etc, it all went to who knows who. But, she was keeping an eye on entering vehicles and profiling them to try and guess which wouuld be me. I had walked down to the area Diana mentioned. After several minutes, I was beginning to wonder what was going on, but then saw a lady almost running across the same towards me. She went out in the water with me, to try and relocate the loss spot, but it was all looking somewhat different to her now. I just began searching quickly, because we only had about 50 minutes until the ten pm closing time here. Found four or five bottle caps and a few pop can pull tabs. I was beginning to worry some, as I’d covered a pretty big area with no luck yet. I moved in a bit shallower and got a nice smooth sounding signal that had potential gold numbers on the detector. I was confident enough to tell Jenny it sounded really promising. I scooped up the target and could see a simple wedding band with one diamond, as she had mentioned it was. Relieved, I grabbed it out of the scoop basket and handed her the ring. She was overwhelmed with tears of joy and couldn’t thank me enough. This ring was very sentimental to her.