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Lost Gold Ring in Daytona Beach surf….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Last week I made plans to do some beach detecting and decided to search an area of Daytona Beach that had a couple of high end Hotels.  Lots of people vacation here this time of year and I figured there had to be some treasures lost in the surf and sand just waiting for me to dig up.  I arrived two hours before low tide and spent a total of 6 hours swinging my Whites Dual Field metal detector in and out of the water hoping for a few good finds.  I found a few coins , a couple of junk ear rings, loads of hair pins and even a small medallion off of someone’s necklace.  Then about 4 and a half hours into my search I got a really sweet signal and out pops a nice gold ring!  I had to wait till I got back to my van to read what was engraved inside.  The name Mariam and a date of 03.05.2003.  When I got home I showed my family the nice gold ring that I found and I figured it would be another nice addition to my collection of rings…but it was not to be.

Later that evening I sat down at my computer to check my e-mails and look up the markings on the inside of the ring.  The markings turned out to be Egyptian and told me the ring was 18 carat gold.  Next I checked my e-mail and there was a message thru theringfinders.com from a lady who said the following:  “Hi Mike,  I found your info online.  My husband, Amgad, lost his wedding band in the ocean in Daytona Beach in front of the Hilton resort last Saturday.  We tried hard to find it with no hope.  My husband has had his ring for 11 years and it slipped off his finger in a second while surfing with our son.  Please, if you can help us find it we would really appreciate it.  We live in Missouri, about 15 hours away and we had to go back home last Sunday, but we still have hope and faith that everything is possible.  Please we  need your help, you don’t know how sad my husband is since he lost his ring!   Thanks, MARIAM

I could hardly believe what had just happened!  Could I have actually found the ring they had lost before getting the request to look for it?  There really was no doubt!!  The name Mariam— plus the fact that Amgad had worn his ring for 11 years and the date of 03.05.2003 was proof enough!

After sharing my MIRACLE with Mariam she wrote me back saying:  “Oh my GOD, I thought you ignored my e-mail.  It is a Miracle!  My hands are shaking while I write to you.  There are no words I can say to thank you enough.  You are the angel that God sent to find our ring.  You would not believe how this past week was for my husband.  I will tell everyone I know about theringfinders.com.”

Two days later Mariam wrote:  “I still cannot believe what happened!  I read your e-mail 10 times a day and tell myself God is so good!  What you do as a hobby (metal detecting) is really a very helpful thing.  Especially when people like us lose a very valuable thing – that losing it really touches their hearts and finding it by an angel like you touches their hearts even more!  As I said and I will be saying for the rest of my life, thank God and thank you for being God’s messenger that found our missing wedding band and delivered  the GREAT NEWS to us when we so badly needed it!!”


Miriams husband and ring

Mariam and Amgad, I am so happy to have been able to help you in getting your ring back and thank you for your generous reward and kind words.

Mike McInroe, proud member of theringfinders.com