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Wedding Band Representing 42 Years of Marriage Lost While Gardening…FOUND in Huntsville, AL!

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This afternoon, Tuesday (March 28th, 2023), I received a call from Susan explaining that her husband, George, had lost his wedding band while gardening earlier in the day.  They’ll be celebrating 43 years of marriage in November!  I was still at work, but told Susan that I would grab my gear as soon as I got off and head their way.

Just before 5pm, I met George at their home in Huntsville, Alabama.  George told me that he knew he had his ring on before starting the yard work.  He then proceeded to show me everything he did: moving dirt in a wheelbarrow, putting leaves and debris in a bag, and tilling the garden.  George told me that he really thought his wedding band ended up in the spot where he was tilling the garden dirt.  I decided to start my search there.

The tilled dirt area was roughly 10×20 feet.  I was using my Minelab Equinox 900 for this search.  I started a grid and within a few minutes, I had my first signal.  The item was beneath the ground, so I moved on.  Right next to that, I received another good signal.  I gently brushed the ground with my detector coil and saw the glimmer of gold shining through the dirt!  George was standing nearby, so I said to him, “hey Sir, I think we found your wedding band!”  George came over and exclaimed, “that’s it!”  I snapped a picture before we cleaned it off.

Both George and Susan were so happy and thankful to have George’s wedding ring back.  This was THE ring that Susan placed on George’s finger over 42 years ago!  Such a blessing being about to use this hobby of metal detecting to help others, and I pray that I get to continue helping others for many years to come.  Please tell your friends and family about The Ring Finders Metal Detecting service.  Awaiting my next adventure…

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