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Lost Silver heirloom earring…Found in Hillyard Wa.

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

I think no matter what, when a Ring Finder hears of a lost piece of jewelry they receive an overwhelming feeling to jump in and help. Now place yourself in front of your mother and imagine she’s lost an inherited silver earring. In my mind mountains will move to recover what my mom lost. Luckily no mountains were involved just a really old house and the heater vent. After taking her earrings over to the hutch they have in their bathroom, a place she admitted she has never used to put on her jewelry. One of the blue opal silver earrings fell off the hutch and slipped effortlessly through the grates of the heater vent. So that’s where I began my search. I used my borescope to investigate the 90 degree bends of the duct work. When I spotted the earring I tried multiple attempts at grabbing it, sticking it with tape on a string and tape on a wire. All attempts failed at retrieving the earring but I did manage to collect a lot of lint and debris. I did not want to give up so Dad and I headed to the basement. I crawled into the crawl space and began to decipher the maze of ducting. Matching the orientation of the heater vent on the top side I disassembled the duct work to reveal mom’s earring. Now back to using the long grabbing tool I was playing the claw machine game in my parents basement. This time I didn’t need any quarters just a steady hand and a bright flash light. ” I got it” I shouted and handed the earring up through the hole in the floor to my mom. Usually strangers are calling us for a last ditch attempt to recover a lost item. But this Ring Finder’s call was close to my heart and my home.