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Lost Gold ring found (recovered) by RingFinder Ryan Cole @ Warren Dunes State Park, Bridgman, Michigan (Lake Michigan)

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Kevin was enjoying his camping vacation and spent the day at the beach with his family. The water was a nice 72 degrees, clear and just slightly wavy today. While in about waist deep water, he felt his ring slip off and wasn’t able to see it on the sandy bottom. His son had a metal detector with them, however it wasn’t a waterproof unit (only submersible up to just below the control box). He attempted to locate the ring, but it was worried the detector was going to get wet and ruined. Kevin’s wife discovered the Ringfinders site and had Kevin give me a call. I was actually heading up there at some point today for some water “therapy”, so I let him know I could head right up. (Recovering from a broken leg surgery a few months ago, walking in the cool water is helping immensely to deter swelling issues). He had described the loss location and upon arrival, I just headed out to the water and started searching. Kevin didn’t show up when he said he was going to, so I just hoped I was in the correct spot. I dug several bottle caps, coins, pull tabs and other pieces of metallic junk. After a short while, I got a smooth gold range signal, scooped it up and had a nice men’s gold band with ornate engravings. Still no Kevin, so I went up to my truck to get to my phone and ended up crossing paths with him and his son who had just parked in the lot. I presented the ring, in hopes it was the right one and sure enough, it was. Another happy customer (who did not wish to be photo’d etc).