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Heirloom Gold wedding band lost in Middle Branch Pond in Waterboro, Maine found with metal detector.

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

Recovery number 25! Colin and his friend overturned their canoe on Middle Branch Pond in Waterboro, ME. In the process Colin’s wedding ring which had been made and worn by his Grandfather who was a jeweler by trade was lost. Fellow Ringfinder Dennis Boothby had recommended Colin call me when it was determined that the ring was beyond the normal shallow water search range of less than 4 ft and required a diver. It took about a half hour to locate and I was able to recover the ring in about 6 feet of water after doing battle with the heavy vegetation of the lakebed in zero visibility in order to return it to Colin. I plan to double down on the charitable donation from my previous recovery to the KCF&G scholarship fund.