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Lost Gold Ring found at Solana beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service helped Find and Return a Lost Gold wedding Ring at Solana Beach.

I got a Call from Todd who had lost his wedding band at the beach in dry sand the previous day.We met up later at 5pm and went over the details of when/where it may have fallen as we walked down to the beach. He did buy a Detector from Big 5 and tried looking for it himself but those cheap machines barely function on these Socal mineralized sands.

As soon as we got there are hopes sank because the beach was Packed and the exact spot where he had lost it…Was Occupied by a family With beach chairs,Towels etc.
I explained to Todd I may have to come back that evening or hope the crowds clear up??
I began searching around the Beach goers eliminating some of the possible places to search with no luck. Todd was 90% sure that it was lost exactly where I could not swing over so we asked a lady if she could move a couple chairs to recover his lost ring and the lady fortunately was very kind and understanding and said yes!
I searched under and around what I could but still wasn’t confident with out a full grid search. There was also a metal umbrella,Tonka toy’s giving off signal’s,Back packs and did not want to dissrupt them too much So I spent some time after searching other areas.Running out of luck We decided to try around the metal obstacles once more and as I was scanning,the husband must of heard what was going on and was helping move some other things for us to better search the area..Thankfully to this Nice family I was able to Find The gold ring just under the corner edge of a towel where a metal chair was.

Thank You Todd for the Generous reward and thank you to the kind Helping family plus the beach goers who were cheering and Clapping after I had found it.The smiles and Positive energy from these hunts are always exciting.

Call or Text me A.S.A.P at 760 889 2751 for a fast recovery  Curtis Cox Theringfinders.com


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