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I recived a text about my ringfinder services,  with a little info;

I went surfing today at ponto and gave my ring to my  boyfriend before I went out.  After leaving, while having lunch we couldnt find it,  We knew it has to be in the sand at the beach.

After a quick phone call we both headed to the beach. 10/15 mins later we’re on the beach.  I have them draw outline of loss area.  Alot of old fire pits here,  nail after nail then a few bottle caps and pull tabs. 20% of area done and and nice clear beep. There she is,   Beautifull gold and dimond rind.  Back where it belongs.


Lost Gold Ring found at Solana beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service helped Find and Return a Lost Gold wedding Ring at Solana Beach.

I got a Call from Todd who had lost his wedding band at the beach in dry sand the previous day.We met up later at 5pm and went over the details of when/where it may have fallen as we walked down to the beach. He did buy a Detector from Big 5 and tried looking for it himself but those cheap machines barely function on these Socal mineralized sands.

As soon as we got there are hopes sank because the beach was Packed and the exact spot where he had lost it…Was Occupied by a family With beach chairs,Towels etc.
I explained to Todd I may have to come back that evening or hope the crowds clear up??
I began searching around the Beach goers eliminating some of the possible places to search with no luck. Todd was 90% sure that it was lost exactly where I could not swing over so we asked a lady if she could move a couple chairs to recover his lost ring and the lady fortunately was very kind and understanding and said yes!
I searched under and around what I could but still wasn’t confident with out a full grid search. There was also a metal umbrella,Tonka toy’s giving off signal’s,Back packs and did not want to dissrupt them too much So I spent some time after searching other areas.Running out of luck We decided to try around the metal obstacles once more and as I was scanning,the husband must of heard what was going on and was helping move some other things for us to better search the area..Thankfully to this Nice family I was able to Find The gold ring just under the corner edge of a towel where a metal chair was.

Thank You Todd for the Generous reward and thank you to the kind Helping family plus the beach goers who were cheering and Clapping after I had found it.The smiles and Positive energy from these hunts are always exciting.

Call or Text me A.S.A.P at 760 889 2751 for a fast recovery  Curtis Cox Theringfinders.com


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Lost Ring Swimming, Solana Beach

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Got a call fron Dave asking if I could recover his ring in about waist deep water. I looked at the tide book and saw tide was going down so I was on the way to meet him in 30 min.

After finding parking I was early so I went where I was told and started my grid. Hair pin, hair pin and another hair pin. Damn.  Then I see him wave from shore so I knew must be him.

He tells me his wife thinks he was more to the left so I keep gridin that way.  Bang, very loud beep. Oh yea this is it. As I push the scoop in and go to pull it my handle breaks, carbon fiber.

I did everything I could to scoop it but couldnt get it. Went to my truck and did a quick repair. Back in that same hole used my feet to move some sand and two sccop later, there is his gold ring. It had gone really deep as sand was real soft. Aprox 18″ down.

Thanks Dave for the reward and a new friend has been made. Smiles all over and the life gaurds were happy we were able to help him.

We are TheRingFinders. 🤔

Lost Ring Cardiff California

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I got a call for Milo’s search and recovery, something I started back in 1996.  Got the location and headed down to meet them.  20 min drive and his Mother inlaw moves her car so I can park, as its on coast hwy. We head to area of loss as he tells me how it came off.  I laughed and said, most of the calls are off by 10 to 20′.  I ask kind of metal and turn on the MX Sport.

Im running a 6 X 10 coil on it.  I always start outside edges of area cause I’ve had really fast recoverys by doing this.(?)  3/4 way though first pass and display screams  “gold”

Ha what a great feeling, people from down the beach came over and the SMILES WERE FLOWING.

I Love being able to help these people as the Local member of ;


Lost Ring Carlsbad Beach

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)
  1. Got a evening call from Mario, hows this work, he asked. My reply was I come down and find your ring. How much ?
  2. Maybe Tips ?  Lets just find it, Im 5 min away.
  3. I get there and meet him, his wife Christie was down at area of loss. We can see a guy detecting 1/4 mile up the beach so we go down and layout the area, 30X30′. Mario says so what your % of returns. Well for 2016 , I’m 100% of calls that call day of loss.

3/4 of area done and bang. I look of at them and smile, scoop and head over. They both turned bright red, was kinda cool. I am stoked to be part of this story with these very cool people. image

Lost Ring…La Costa Golf Course

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

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I was on the phone with my partner, Curtis Cox when I got the call. Call ya right back. A guy I worked for doing Leak Detection, was out playing golf at La Costa. His buddy hand taken his ring off to put on sun screen. (Forgot) and went on with the next few holes before remembering, ah shit my ring. They traced their way back knowing about where it might be. Sorry Not a fairway. Tall grass area. After a walk around for 1 hr. He remembers my RingFinders story and gives me a call.  I told him I’ll get my partner to head over and we’ll b down shortly.  I called Curtis back, Dude, Grab your detector, we’re hunting La Costa Golf Course. I was on the way in 10 min with Curtis on his way too.  We meet up by the Fire Department. I jump in with Curtis and we follow them down the private road, out onto the cart path and head north along the fairways. They take us to area of Sunscreen app.  We grid that whole area but nothing. The guy who lost it takes off in the cart to another area. Now I’m told wait, I think he went up this little hill to help find the other players ball. So we walk up and I start to grid.  Curtis just finished first area and is on his way over. At that point they pull me acrossed the fairway to another area. I tell Curtis He drove right thur here and head over. I get there and first I start to check their cart. Lift the seat as Curtis walks up and says, it aint in the cart. Are you sure what kinda ring it is. Steel, Tit ? at that point I look at Curtis’s hand and its closed. Ha. He hands it to me and I hand it to the owner. OMG. Wait . It gets better.  A man walking his dog with his wife yells ” did ya find my watch”? I replied, No, But we did find his wedding ring. They turn and come stright over to us. Wow thats great. He asked if I’m from here.? I pointed to the big house right there and said my Dad built that house for Mr. #^<*> back when I was in 6th grade. Really he says, Big smile as his wife says thats our house. (WOW) they Invited us up to show Curtis the custom front doors my Dad installed. From like 16/1700’s Spain. OMG. Its a small world after all.  Curtis Cox did the recovery but due to this story wanted me to write it. We hunt together and our team dont miss. We cover large areas because of TEAM WORK. We are  at 100% for 2015 other then water losses. In the waves.  Glad to be part of this group.

Curtis Cox / John Hughes ”

anytime / anywhere !

LOST KEYS, Del Mar, Ca.

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Got a call from a man named Scott, told me his kids are in Solana Beach and lost the car keys .  I throw a few questions at him and make a plan for 5 am hunt,   Next morning I get to the beach to meet them at 5 am. They are a bit late so I go onto beach and start griddin. I only did small area when they showed up. I’m in right aera. After 30/60 I told then not here. Check all the poles cause people will hang lost keys on them. Scott is over by the poles and didnt hear me say that. I watch him walk over and take them off the pole. Its a great day.





Lost Ring Carlsbad, Calif

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

July 4, 3:30 lost ring call from State beach. 10 min ETA. As Im getting out of my van a guy comes up and saws I so glad we found you
though TheRingFinders.com
He explains on our walk down to the sand, he was hitin a volleyball when he felt it fly off.
Everybody stop, they all hunted for it but had no luck. I gridded
the court 2 times then the bushes too. Now in cross grid I got it. Cheers come from all over the beach. Its a great day at the beach.