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Lost Gold Wedding Ring recovered, Union Lake, Union City Michigan

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Zach and Elizabeth had a successful bluegill fishing adventure, until it was time to give the hands a wash in the water. Her wedding ring (set/3-soldered) slipped of as she was rinsing her hand. The murky brown water was about 4.5-5.5ft deep. Most of the shoreline looks similar, but there were bluegill beds and a shiny tea drink-can as landmarks. We worked out the details, now was the time, as I had the day off with no pressing plans. The lake (technically a main local river)is dirty water, murky bottom, with trees, leaves, stumps and branches laying everywhere. Decades of litter, beer cans, pull rings. sinkers, lures, foil, you name it, all laying in the branches and trees. Digging and retrieving targets was difficult. I gridded the spot several times over, making sure they were satisfied I was covering where they desired. After about two hours, it was appearing grim. They did make the most of the time and had caught about 40 nice bluegills. Ha. Knowing that finds often come just beyond where people envision the loss, I suggested allowing me to push beyond the area “one last pass”. A few steps and two targets later, I heard a nice clean tone with a gold range vdi number on the display. The target was suspended in muck pudding, within some tree roots, nearly impossible to scoop out, but by some miracle and lots of patience, the scoop nestled in just right and when I checked the basket I could feel the promising clunk. When the contents got rinsed more, I caught a glimpse of white gold and a ring’s edge!