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Diamond Wedding ring lost in Sanford, Florida yard…..Found!!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Last summer Mandi was doing some painting in her house when she noticed she had gotten paint all over her wedding and engagement rings.  She removed her rings and took them outside to the garden hose along side of the house to wash the paint off.  After turning the hose on she opened her hand and realized she was missing her diamond ring!  She quickly retraced her steps back to the front of the house and soon figured out that her ring was probably lost in the thick Florida crab grass and it would take hours to find!  She called a friend who had an older model metal detector and he looked the area over but could not find the ring.  A few days later the friend contacted me and asked if I would do a quick search—and that is exactly what it was! QUICK!!    In less than a minute my Whites DFX metal detector gave a clear ring reading and there hiding in the grass was Mandi’s beautiful diamond ring!!

Have you lost something that you would  like me to find?  I am here to help!

I too really love this job!

Mike McInroe in sunny Florida!!