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2022 started with building a snowman and losing a ring in Albany Park Illinois

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received a urgent request from a student who lost her mother’s ring while building a snowman in one of the first snowstorms of the year in Chicago. Distraught would be an understatement! ┬áPanic stricken….Yes. To complicate matters, she had been throwing snowballs too. She had spent hours searching the snow not realizing she was also packing the snow and making it harder to find. It was 10 degrees out, so not the most enjoyable time to hunt. Took my XP Deus and hunted in 12 kHz in my ring program. Knowing it was a surface find made it easier by raising the coil. I knew it was gold so I expected it to fall in the 40-50 range. However I did not know what the Karat gold it was. First I searched the snowman figuring that it could have been picked up while rolling the snow..no luck. I moves about 2 feet from snowman and got a target at 60. BINGO!! 18K goes higher that 50 on a good sized ring.

Total hunt time…1 minute.

Got lot’s of hugs!!