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Lost Wedding Ring Set .. Paradise Cove, Malibu, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Fernanda had been at Paradise Cove Sunday with a bunch of friends and their kids. They had reserved a couple lounge chairs with umbrellas for the day. It was a beautiful day with friends to have a beach party. That evening at home Fernanda realized that her wedding ring set was not on her finger. Missing was a Platinum Diamond solitaire engagement ring and a White Gold with 10 small diamonds and she had not remembered taking them off or doing anything to cause them slip off her finger.

She searched the house and the car without succcess. Monday Fernanda and her husband, Julio drove back to the beach to search through the sand for the rings. Tuesday they located a guy with a detector to search the same area, but he was only able to search a short time late in the evening before he had to leave without finding the rings. He suggested that they call me.

When I got the call it sounded like a long shot, because she had been many places Sunday before she realized her rings were gone. On top of that, someone had tried searching the beach area with a metal detector. It was a 75 mile drive but I felt it would be worth the drive to see if the beach area had more possibilities for searching again with my metal detectors.

Fernanda and Julio met me at noon Wednesday. I had a feeling that she had hope that I could find the rings. On the other hand Julio seemed skeptical that the rings were here at the beach. After a quick run down on where Fernanda had been the day of the loss, I started to grid in front of the lounge chairs. My plan was to move the chairs forward after clearing the area. Then swung my XP Deus metal detector between and under the second set of chairs. Boom! The first ring, then a second swing Boom! The second ring in the scoop.

Both Fernanda and Julio had walked down to the water’s edge to give me a little space while I searched. I caught Fernanda’s eyes first and she ran up to me to see the prize in my scoop. Then came Julio who told me I made a believer out him because all the time he thought he was wasting his time. It as an exciting moment for all. It’s not hard to understand that it seemed impossible that we would find the rings when she had not remembered taking them off or doing anything to cause them slip from her finger. It paid off to try one more time.