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Lost Diamond Ring Misquamicut State Beach, Westerly, RI… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A beachgoer lost her heirloom diamond ring at Misquamicut Beach, RI late July 2017. By the time she realized the ring was forgotten on her beach towel, it was already too late. Digging in the sand with your hands to retrieve a ring is a near-impossible task. However, when your deeply valued possession disappears, you have to try something! After a good hand digging effort and even recruiting a local metal detectorist who was scouring the beach for lost jewelry, the woman thought her grandmother’s lost ring was gone forever…

A week had passed and time was running out. A lost ring remains in the sand until mother nature or another metal detectorist with the right equipment comes along and ruins all chances of returning the ring to its rightful owner. The woman finally came up with the idea to search the web for “ring finding service” and my info came right up. After a quick discussion explaining of details surrounding her lost ring, we agreed on a date to conduct the search. I arrived at the location first to find multiple beachgoers still soaking up the late evening rays. I decided to get started with the search ahead of her arrival based on her description of the lost ring’s approximate location. She did a great job of explaining where she was sitting that day because after only 30 minutes of searching, 20 bottle caps, and pissing off half of the beachgoers, I was holding the diamond ring she thought was gone forever! Another lost ring found and reunited with its owner.















At this point, I was in possession of the lost ring and the unsuspecting owner still hadn’t arrived… What would be an unforgettable way to return a high-value possession? The fake-out of course!!! Check out the YouTube video below to see her shocking response!



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