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Wedding Ring Found on Sheep Farm in Roundhill Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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I received a call from Daniel about his wedding ring he’d lost on his sheep farm in Roundhill, Virginia. Daniel had shot a deer on his property and was processing the deer in the field. It was starting to get a little late and Daniel was trying to get done so he could get back into the house before dark. As he was cleaning out the deer he shook blood from his hands and realized his ring flew off at the same time! He did a little searching but couldn’t locate the ring, thus the call to me the next day.

My recovery quests have taken me from land to water, from cattle farms and to horse ranches… a sheep farm was a first for me. Upon arrival at Daniel’s property I was immediately greeted by his 3 dogs. Daniel gave me the layout of the property and some more details on where he thought the ring may have been lost. As we were heading towards the location he realized one of his dogs was missing, the smallest guy. The dog had decided to jump into my truck and make himself at home on the backseat floor..sorry buddy can’t take you home. You are cute though!

The farm location had a nice scenic view of the mountains going towards the Winchester side of Virginia. He had around 30 Scottish blackface sheep. They seemed harmless enough except for one that kept a keen eye on me the whole time and anytime I got closer to the herd, he came closer to me….I got the message!

The area was about a 1/2 an acre, not too large, but Daniel was worried one of the sheep may have eaten it while grazing…let’s hope not. I started a general search around the blood pile area and then started to widen my search pattern. After a few disappointing pattern sweeps and 45 minutes later I decided to search in the opposite direction… then shortly afterwards was rewarded with a nice big bang on the detector. Ring in hand, I sent Daniel a text with the photo of the ring. His response was priceless…”Ho. Lee. Shit.” Not sure of the context style, maybe because he’s Australian, didn’t know, but he was thrilled the ring was found and back on his finger.

Daniel, thank you for contacting me and having confidence I’d find your ring.

God Bless and Keep on Hunting!