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Lost Gold and Dimond Mens Wedding Band in Dimond lake WA… FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Everytime I get a call for a lost ring in a lake I have to tell myself  and the caller that the odds are severely against you to perfectly retrace your path in the water. If however there is a fixed objetect near the lost target area that can mark the spot,  that will increase the odds considerably. For Philip and Jane they defied these truths that I have come to know. Both of them used situational awareness and pinoint memory recall to put me in the exact spot I needed to be in. That exact spot was in 17 feet of water in Diamond lake. I was parallel to and about 20 feet from the floating dock and perpendicular with the last pillar on the porch which was over 200 feet away. I was guided to those two markers by Jane. See Philip had mentally marked these two spots right after he saw his ring slip off his finger and sink into the abyss. Also I had a floating buoy with an anchor and guide line and another guide line attached to the dock. However none of my equipment not even my metal detector was needed. As I descended down to where my buoy was anchored I was scanning the lake floor. As a large log and a 25 gallon steel drum came into view I saw the glimmer of a golden rim in between them. The shock and awe of seeing the ring sitting there stunned me. But as I was just a few feet away from the ring my stunned state turned into excitement. I scooped up the ring and attached it to my bcd, then grabbed my guide lines and buoy and swam back to the dock. Jane was sitting on the porch when I came back to shore,  probably a little confused about my quick return. Although me holding up her husband’s ring quickly remedied her confusion. I have to give full credit to Philip and Jane. They trusted me to come out and find that ring but also gave me the best chance I could have to recover Philip’s ring. Tremendous thanks to you guys for the reward and outstanding directions.