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Lost ring recovered, Diamond Lake, Cass County Michigan

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

XXXXX (name to be updated) is in town for a couple weeks, visiting his parents here at their lake house.

Yesterday, in the private swim area, he was pulling a raft back to shore, walking backwards, stumbled and lost his ring in the process.

He and several of his friends tried finding it, but had no success.

I was out detecting in this lake today and just happen to launch from this site due to the public site being closed temporarily. I was wading with my kayak in tow and just happen to pass by his friends that were just hanging out in a docked pontoon nearby. One of the friends asked if that was a metal detector i had and if i could find rings. I said certainly and they went to get XXXXX, who came over and displayed how and where he lost it.

After a few minutes of searching and finding a couple pull tabs, a couple clad coins, I got a loud signal that sounded like a shallow ring sized object. I scooped the target and could see the “black” Star Wars ring in the scoop.

XXXXX was ecstatic when I said “here it is”. His friends were amazed and onlookers were also excited that it was found.


Lost palladium wedding ring, (recovered) Niles, Michigan (Cass County)

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Andrew was doing spring clean up in his yard, tending to the flower beds and lanscaping. When he removed his glove, his palladium wedding ring went flying in an unknown direction. He thought it likely went into one certain area, but searching there only produced aluminum scrap(flashing) from the home’s construction and a couple pop can pull tabs. I broadened the search area, moving into the small wood lot in the opposite direction where I was finding pop cans and more junk pieces. I got a promising signal in a leaf pile, which ended up being a chipmunk hole entry point. Dug around in the hole with my pinpointer and long behold, the ring had went down the chipmunk hole!