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Lost Gold wedding ring recovered from yard, South Bend, Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

George contacted me a few days ago about his unfortunate situation of losing his cherished gold wedding ring. He said that he had mowed most of his yard, unloaded a few bags worth of grass clippings and then noticed it was missing when almost done mowing. He was unsure when the ring went missing and assumed it may have fallen inside one of the three bags of wet grass or in one of three areas where he recalled taking the glove off. He checked inside the glove, attempted searching through one of the bags of wet grass, but realized a metal detector may be the answer. He turned to google to search for the possibility of renting a metal detector. He also considered buying an inexpensive detector, but then realized even if he did either, he wouldn’t know how to use it anyhow. He came across the TheRingfinders.com website, quickly found my information and had me on my way when our schedules meshed.
I searched the bags of grass and the areas where he had taken his gloves off, with no luck, which meant searching the whole yard knowing there was a chance the ring got mowed over and possibly shot to who knows where by the riding mower.
Typical of most yards, there were several shallow targets to deal with, a sprinkler system throughout the whole yard, buried yard lighting wires, edging stakes and buried phone/cable lines in the back yard.
I opted for the larger 15″ coil on my Equinox 800 detector, which makes it hard to miss much of anything when covering a large area like a yard.
Knowing it was going to be just laying in some totally random spot, I had my fingers crossed I’d come across it quickly, a little luck is always welcome and it happened pretty quick, considering.
Got a banging nice surface signal, started checking it with my pinpointer and saw that fantastic color of Gold nestled under the thick blades of grass in the front yard.
George was so happy that he gave me a big hug and when I asked him if it was ok to get some pictures, he posed for the camera, giving his missing ring a big ole kiss. He said his wife put that ring on his finger in August of 63 and that he couldn’t thank me enough.