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Lost Keys in Snow, Found in Leesburg Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

We had a snowstorm last night on the East Coast with Leesburg Virginia only getting a few inches and then a heavy coating of ice. The next day, while out at dinner with my son Andrew I received a frantic call from Dave about a set of keys he lost in the snow. The keys were for a rental car and after talking to the rental dealer the cost to have the car towed and the key replaced would have run about $400-500, crazy amount of money!! Dave had done a quick search and found my link via Google to TheRingFinders and gave me a call. Since I could tell the need was urgent and even though the sun was getting ready to go down in about an hour I told Dave I’d be over in about 30 minutes. I asked my son if he wanted to tag along and he said sure so gathered up the gear and headed to Dave’s place.
The property and home are from the 1860’s with the house having a log cabin look to it. After a brief introduction and description of where he believed he lost the ring between his front door and the car I started my detecting. As an older propriety there were a lot of hits but nothing quite at the surface so I continued my search. I had asked Andrew to go the truck for something and within a minute he yells over, “I found the keys!” On the far side of the rental vehicle and just buried under the snow Andrew had noticed just the tip of a key sticking out. Great quick recovery with the recognition and reward going to my son Andrew, Great job buddy! Dave was happy to have the keys returned and saving an evening of cost and frustration.
Happy Hunting!!