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Lost and FOUND Lady’s White Gold Wedding Band at North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

While out shopping with my wife, daughter and granddaughter I received a call from Allison who was very upset that she lost her wedding band. She said she was digging in the sand with her son and thought she should take both her engagement ring and wedding band off. She told me she put them in a bag next to her towel and when she went to retrieve them only the engagement ring was in the bag. I told her I could be there in about an hour to hour and a half.  When I arrived at the beach behind the resort where she was staying I called her and she quickly met me. I also met her husband Gordon who had already marked a 15X20 foot square in the sand around the area they had been sitting. I asked her to describe her ring, what exactly happened and the general area she was in. I set a north/south grid and started searching. The first grid line produced a beer cap, the second grid line produced a house or room key and when I looked at her I could see her hope in finding the ring was fading. There was nothing on the third grid line and as I turned to do the fourth line I got a good signal with my White’s PI dual field and took a shallow scoop. After shaking out the sand I couldn’t see anything with the sea grass in the scoop so I  shook the scoop one more time – bingo!!! There was her size 5 wedding band. I reached in the scoop, looked at her, gave her a little smile and a wink and nodded my head for her to come over to me. She covered her mouth with both hands and I’m pretty sure tears started rolling out of both of our eyes. I held my closed fist out and dropped the ring in her outstretched hands and then got one of  the biggest hugs I’ve ever had. I got extra hugs and handshakes from her husband, dad and a couple of other relatives. It was truly amazing and something I’ll never forget. Total search time was less than 5 minutes.