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Lost ring in Sevierville, TN

  • from Knoxville (Tennessee, United States)

Jimmy and his wife Lindsay were visiting from out of state and rented a cabin in Sevierville for their weekend getaway. Lindsay had set her ring down by the hot tub when their little 3 year old grabbed the ring and darted toward the field with grass 3 feet tall. Jimmy went straight out and bought a metal detector and spent hours looking but didn’t have any luck. Unfortunately they had to leave and headed home, at the same time I was on my vacation in VA. When I got the call I had Jimmy take as many photos as possible so i could reference it later on. I made a quick pit stop on my way home from our 8 hour drive but didnt have any luck. I came back the next day and exanded my search area and found it. I contacted Jimmy for a mailing address and sent it overnight, he and his wife were ecstatic. Its such a great feeling to help someone in their time of need.