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Lost Hierloom 22k Gold Bracelet.. Venice Beach Pier, CA. .. Found by Stan the Metal Detector Man

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…. Jas is a college student who lost an irreplaceable heirloom 22k bangle type Bacelet that had been passed down from his grandmother to his mother and then to him. He was at Venice Beach, CA. next to the pier. A very populated part of the beach.

The loss occurred two days before he contacted me. Jas and several of his college friends were play spike ball on the beach when decided to put the gold bracelet in his backpack for safekeeping. Sometime during his stay the backpack must have got knocked over or the bracelet was pulled out when he took something out of the backpack.

Discussing the facts of the loss, he only realized the irreplaceable heirloom was not in the backpack when he got back to his residence. I could tell that he was desperate and this bracelet was very important to him. 

It was important to not give Jas false hope. This location is very well maintained by LA county beach crews, also this time of year there are recreational metal detector people that search that area daily. This item was so big it could also be found by someone running their hands through the sand.

Nevertheless the less I agreed to drive and meet him at the location. Just before arriving Jas called telling me he couldn’t meet me at the Venice Pier. On to plan ”B”, I just decided to grid search the whole beach between the pier and the south lifeguard tower, starting from the towel line towards the parking lot. 

It was hard to stay positive because two days had passed. The beach had very little metal trash targets. After about two hours I had a half dozen coins, a couple cigarette lighters and a few bottle caps. Then the surprising banging signal. I thought it was a aluminum beer can. When scooped the target, I heavy gold bracelet banged in the bottom of my sand scoop. I had no idea of the size and how beautiful the item I was looking for. It had to be more than 3 ounces of 22k gold. It will be hard to forget how surprised I was.

I contacted Jas and he scrambled to find someone to drive him the hour drive to meet, so I could return the cherished third generation heirloom. When we met he told me he had always had hopes of passing this bracelet to his daughter someday. Now that is possible!

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